What to Do When Your Dishwasher Doesn’t Drain

Technology has reached its pinnacle and the dishwasher is an example of it. Today, people don’t need extra time or a maid to clean the used plates of your house. You can simply put them in your dishwasher to get it all clear. But if it doesn’t work or doesn’t drain? The main problem is here.

Dishwasher Service
Dishwasher Service

Here are The Steps are Given By The Plumbing Expert

Turn Off The Power

Before you start working on the dishwasher, unplug your dishwasher and off the circuit breaker from the electric panel to prevent shock from the board. 

Take Help from Its Garbage Disposal

The drain hose of your dishwasher gets poured into the garbage disposal. If there is any unground debris and it gets sludges below of the disposal, then it can prevent your dishwasher from draining. Turn on the disposal to get your dishwasher to drain again. Make sure to run your disposal for additional 15 secs after the food is gone. 

Removing Standing Water

If the disposal running font works for you, then this is the time to look At the main culprit. Plumbing experts suggest to use here an absorbent towel to place around the base of the dishwasher and remove the bottom fish tray. In this place, keep a plastic cup for scooping the dirty water for disposal. If the water level gets too low to scoop, then use your towel to sop up the remaining water from the machine. 

Check If There is Any Detergent Mishap

You should use an automatic dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher. These are specially designed for the dishwasher so that it can clean without forming suds. Sometimes, when you run out of automatic dishwashers or accidently pour regular dishwasher liquid, then it can create clogs and prevent drainage. Now bail out the tub and give it another circle. All the clogs will be opened in a few minutes. So, make sure to use proper detergent. 

Replace Your Drain Pump

Check your drain hose,sink path and sump, if there is anything blocked. If there is nothing, still your pump is failing to drain Then this might be a problem with your pump. In that case, look at your drain pump to see if there is any sign of damage like cracks and dents. If it is damaged, then replace it.

Replace your Electric Control Board

The electric board can control the moving parts of your dishwasher. In that case, if you see there is enough electricity, still it’s failing to communicate, then may be it has defects. To avoid drainage problems in your dishwasher, then replace your electric board as it needs to be replaced.

Clear The Drain

At the end of every circle, the drain hose carries water from the dishwasher tub. If the drain line has any clogs, the water will not flow from the tub. So check it with a Plumber Cronulla expert, and clean it but make sure it doesn’t need replacement.

These all are the steps that may help you to get rid of clogs. Make sure to follow all these and get your dishwasher draining just like the time when you bought this.